Seller Tips

The condition of a home is of the utmost importance when you are looking for Top Dollar. The following are some helpful points to remember;

  1. De clutter as much as possible. Potential buyers need to be able to navigate easily through your home. Do not assume that they will understand that lack of space is maybe why you are moving, all it does is show them that there is not enough space in the home.
  2. Take down personal photos and knick-knacks etc.; keeping your space neutral makes it easier for others to visualize themselves in your home. The same is true for any wallpaper or bold paint colours. Neutral is always best, in all likelihood whoever buys your home will paint anyway but if the colour isn’t neutral to begin with it can be a distraction.
  3. Keep your home show ready. Often times a request to see your home will come and the buyers want to go right away. Every effort is made to arrange showings at your convenience; however, turning a buyer away for any length of time because your house is not ready to show could cost you the sale.
  4. Keep your home a smoke free environment, smell, believe it or not is an extremely important factor, if you smoke in your home it translates negatively to most buyers.
  5. Take pictures of each room in your home, this is a great way to kind of stand back and analyze what your home really looks like. It could also be very clear to you that moving a piece of furniture to an alternate location makes your house look better or even bigger.

To sum up, this is probably your biggest investment. It will also be the biggest investment to whoever buys it. They are being critical of everything they look at and trying to make the best decision for them. To sell your home in today’s market you need to be competitive. Price it right the first time, and if you address each point they are analyzing, you are ahead of the game and will be well positioned to get top dollar!